About Us

Intentional Philanthropy LLC is a boutique, donor-focused advisory and management firm designed to meet the diverse needs of individual donors, families and independent foundations. We help you clarify, articulate and achieve your intended impact.

We know that every funder wants their giving to make a tangible difference. We also know that thoughtful, intentional progress toward desired philanthropic goals can easily be lost in day-to-day demands. Add in the joys and challenges of engaging geographically-dispersed, multi-generational and volunteer board members, and it is no surprise that philanthropic goals can become more complicated than originally thought.

Intentional Philanthropy leverages your efforts by providing right-sized services when and how you need them most.

Our Approach

Intentional Philanthropy believes in people. We believe in educating, equipping and empowering our clients to achieve their intended success.

We celebrate the impact our clients have in their community or chosen field of focus, but we are equally motivated by seeing our clients gain issue knowledge, develop new skills and renew their passion for giving. We take pride in the fact that our success today will be multiplied in our clients’ families and communities for years to come.

We don't have a blanket fee structure. Instead, based on our team's extensive experience, we draw out your needs and goals to tailor our services to your operating style, interests and values. Project fees are then calculated based on hourly estimates of the time and resources needed to complete your project.

We don’t fundraise. We don’t manage assets and we don’t work for the nonprofit organizations our clients’ serve. Our only goal is to help you, the funder, realize your philanthropic goals.

We do this while paying careful attention to our core values: integrity, transparency and humility.

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