Achievement Gap of America's Brightest

January 7th, 2014

Often improvements in education are focused on getting the lowest performing students on par with average students, pulling them up above below average performance. Less frequently, the focus for improving performance is turned towards high achievers.

In a new book, “Closing America’s High-achievement Gap”, the author explores the significance of this widening gap between mediocre high performers, and what they could be achieving if they were spurred on to their greatest potential. The author makes the case that closing this high-achievement gap is critical in order for the Unites States to compete with other countries, where high performers are outpacing Americans at a faster and faster rate.

This issue, like the issue of improving performance on the lower end of achievement, is one worth exploring regardless of which education sphere you work and fund in - public, private, or charter. The book explores various models and approaches educators and funders can use to have greater impact on helping gifted students reach their maximum potential.

The entire book is available for free download, and includes in the intro 22 ideas for donors hoping to spur high-achieving students.  To read more about this publication and download chapters for reading, click here.

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