Largest Wealth Transfer in U.S. History

May 30th, 2014

Conservative estimates from a 1999 study released by Boston College's Center on Wealth and Philanthropy (CWP) predicted national wealth transfer in a 55-yr period from 1998 to 2052 would amount to $40.6 trillion in 1998 dollars, which translates into $52 trillion in 2007 dollars.

CWP has updated those numbers, and the wealth transfer is expected to be higher.

An estimated $59 trillion will transfer from 93.6 million American estates between 2007 to 2061, according to CWP's updated study, which would amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history.

While federal taxes will claim $5.6 trillion, and heirs will receive $36 trillion, charities are expected to receive nearly $27 trillion, in a combination of estate bequests and lifetime giving.

Read more in an article from the Philanthropy News Digest, or download the press release and full report from the CWP.



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