A Magic Formula

July 8th, 2015

In a recent column titled "In Search of the Magic Formula for Philanthropy," Phil Buchanan from the Center for Effective Philanthropy reacts to recent advice in the press given to philanthropists and foundations.

In response to critics who say that foundations shouldn't have staff or who dictate long lists of "shoulds" around types of grant support and approaches, Buchanan says being effective often requires some staff, and a customized approach or customized strategy.

We agree! Foundations are often most efficient, boards are most effective, and grants are most impactful when there is focus, an appropriate level of professional support, and intentionality as the foundation works to achive its desired outcomes.

Buchanan states concern that all the attention drawn to lists of "shoulds" makes it even more challenging for leaders to stay focused, increasing the risk of what he calls "leadership attention-deficit disorder."

Read more about Buchanan's observations of the sector in his column in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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