Our Services

Strategy and Planning

Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while and need to be recharged, whether attempting to incorporate new voices on the board or a new strategic initiative within your grantmaking, we can lead you through a fun and efficient process to identify your goals and the means to achieve them.

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Program Research, Planning and Grants Management

Once you know what you want to accomplish – help children enter kindergarten prepared to learn, for example - Intentional Philanthropy can provide you the research & analysis, creative thinking and implementation you need to achieve your intended objective while minimizing unintended, adverse consequences. This includes:

  • Research on the environment affecting the issue/community of concern
  • Community engagement, focus groups and stakeholder interviews
  • Identification of strategies for impact
  • Analysis of partnerships needed, possible challenges and opportunities for success
  • Assessment of timeline and budget for success
  • Overall grants management, including: application process and review of proposals, due diligence on chosen organizations, legal and accounting compliance for grants and overall grant evaluations.

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Retreat and Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes you need a retreat that isn’t all about strategic planning. Often, there is a need for board members to spend time in open ended conversation, to have fun with one another and to be inspired so that the ‘work” of the foundation can move forward with renewed passion and excitement.

At other times, you may need a skilled facilitator to efficiently move the board through a particular transition, strategic question, or to build consensus around a new direction. Often facilitators help you be more effective with the time that you already have by providing structure and objective guidance.

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Family Engagement

Succession planning

Structuring foundation policies and activities in a way that effectively engages the next generation of leadership is not always an easy task. Intentional Philanthropy is skilled in both the governance and relational elements of succession. We can help you draft succession policies, train your next generation to be successful funders and facilitate dialogue regarding the best path for the successful integration of new voices.

Experiential learning activities

Intentional Philanthropy works with families to customize strategic grantmaking “learning agendas” so that each family member can link their values, talents and time to the work of the foundation. We also create and facilitate retreats combining succession strategy with learning activities and community outreach for the whole family.

Executive leadership development for next generation family members serving as foundation staff

Intentional Philanthropy provides personalized, executive coaching for emerging foundation executive directors or new board members. Engagements can be short term or spread out over a twelve month period. Coaching is personalized and topics may range from Staffing Your Family to Understanding the 990PF and from Identifying Excellent Grantees to Conducting a Site Visit.

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Foundation Management

For private foundations whose board members want to stay involved in program planning and grantee selection but who need help checking the box on all of the day to day foundation activities, Intentional Philanthropy provides customized services. Keep want you want and give the rest to us!

  • Administration: Overall administration, including serving as your main office handling phone calls, mail, bookkeeping, federal and state filings, database records, etc.
  • Board and Governance: Board support including coordinating board meetings, agendas and the assembly of board books and other board meeting materials, reviewing all policies and procedures, maintaining organizational documents, and overseeing the adherence to all policies, etc.
  • Financial: All bookkeeping, including bill payment, distribution of grant checks, annual budgeting and 5% calculations and preparation of quarterly reports. Intentional Philanthropy does not invest assets or file tax returns but will work with your selected advisors to do so.
  • Grants Management: Overall implementation of the entire grantmaking process, including the review of applications or proposals, performing due diligence on chosen organizations, site visits, legal and accounting compliance for grants, review of grant reports and overall grant evaluations and long term program evaluation. Managed through an easy to use on-line grants and shared documents portal, our system is perfect for geographically dispersed and multi-generational families.
  • Foundation Management Support Services: Not looking to outsource your foundation management but need an objective review? Intentional Philanthropy provides customized services, including staff and board compensation analysis and benchmarking, foundation policy review and governance “audits”, and grantmaking process refinement. Our extensive experience and understanding of the nuances of foundation work and how it differs from the general nonprofit sector, uniquely position our firm to conduct policy and procedure reviews and compensation surveys for our clients.